MAINE   COON CATS              

                  CFA and TICA registered International,
                  National, and Regional winning lines.
                  Our breeding program is based on raising large
                  healthy examples of the breed. Kittens and cats
                  are raised as family members, not caged. We spend 
                  many hours playing with our kittens to help develop 
                  their personality.  
                  We strive for health, personality, size and type in
                  our breeding program.  We utilize the U.C. Davis for our
                  genetic testing for HCM, SMA, and PKD. 
                  Kittens are purebred, pedigreed, registered Maine
                  Coons. Your kitten comes with a Royal Canin kitten  
                  care guide, food sample, pedigree, health record, and
                  well kitten check from Fieldstone Veterinary 
                  before going to their forever home.  Registration
                  papers are provided after neutering or spaying your
                  Most kittens are reserved in advance, especially if
                  you want a particular color and sex. We e-mail
                  pictures on a regular basis once the litter is here
                  and visits are always welcome. Our contract
                  asks that you neuter or spay, not declaw, and 
                  never let your kitten outside unless leashed or in an
                  appropriate enclusure.  
                   We accept Paypal and cash to pickup kitten, or check 
                   is accepted if reserving in advance. 

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Refund policy: if you make a deposit to reserve a kitten and don't want to fulfill the contract for purchase, before a kitten of your preferred color is
born, there is a $50 cancellation fee.  If you make a deposit and don't want to fulfill the contract for purchase after a kitten of your preferred color is 
born there is a $150 cancellation fee.
Kat Greenman     269-986-3369